Come fly where most bees have flown before!

Fortunate to have spent over 25 years in the aviation business as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Hot Air Ballooning has long been a passion. Whether a Hot Air Balloon flight is on your “Bucket List”, perhaps an opportunity for a unique marriage proposal, celebrating an anniversary, given as a ‘one of a kind’ gift or simply as an unforgettable treat, we can make it happen! It is our hope from all of us here on the Balloon Team at Soap and Candle from the Hive for you to enjoy the tranquility of a majestic Hot Air Balloon flight; gently drifting above the hills, forests, and streams of Prince Edward Island, the birth place of Canada.

From our Chase Crews and myself, we hope to welcome you aboard for an awesome experience and a wonderful memory.

Frank Nowak
Owner Pilot A.M.E
Balloon Team at Soap and Candle from the Hive

VIP Package for 2 People – $850

Enjoy the intimacy of an exclusive balloon flight for just you and your special guest. Our VIP flights for two are ideal for marriage proposals, anniversaries, special occasions or just as a special treat.

Your flight time (1 hr. approx.) will capture moments of unforgettable time to cherish for a lifetime, ending with a traditional Champagne toast. (Optional beverages for your toast can be made available upon request.)

Book a Hot Air Balloon Flight

Please read carefully before booking your Balloon Flight.

Should you choose to book a balloon flight with us, we will ask you to confirm you have read and completely understand our terms and conditions.

  1. We only fly “two” passengers at one time.
  2. Both passengers must be able to assist us in some capacity with setting up the balloon as well as packing up; concluding our flight.
  3. We will only sell a maximum of 10 balloon flights per calendar flight season (July 1st to October 30th). This is to ensure we find a safe and fun flight window within the specific flight season so every one of the 10 bookings get flown.
  4. WE choose the fly date based on suitable balloon weather. We will note preferred dates requested by passengers, but will absolutely not guarantee any requested dates.
  5. Once our season begins (July 1st to October 30th), we contact confirmed bookings in the order in which we received them, as “Safe” balloon flight windows become available. These “Safe” flight windows could be either Sunrise or Sunset flight times. We will accept THREE deferrals before we deem your booking null and void. In other words, we will contact you Three times throughout the active flight season of that year to offer you a flight window that is considered a “Safe” flight window. If you decline our third attempt to get you flown, you accept that your flight certificate is no longer valid.
  6. Upon completion of our balloon flight booking form and full payment, we will mail you a flight certificate valid for that specific season.

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